“I want to make sure you truly understand the impact you have on the lives of your clients.  I think it’s important that you understand how amazing you guys are, and what an incredible service you offer.  It was actually only a few months ago that we had to abandon what we thought was the “only” house out there for us.  Unable to secure a loan and giving up, we were exhausted, disappointed and emotionally wiped out.  We made the decision to hire JCS, and the process could have not been easier.  Janis was and is amazing and is so nice to deal with.  She was so quick to return phone calls, and put us at ease that JCS could make things better.  Our scores improved significantly.  My mid-score was 643 and Rachel’s was 676.  We only needed a 620 to use my VA benefits.  We put a contract on our dream home last night.  You will never understand the impact you’ve had on our lives.  I will shout your praises and will make sure everyone knows what you guys have done for us.  You are truly an amazing organization.  We are truly blessed to have been your clients.

John and Rachel B.

“Janis, we just wanted to let you know that we appreciate all of the hard work you did for us.  You are awesome!!”

Kris K. and Wendy H.

My Name is Victor C. Just Credit Solutions gave me the tools and knowledge to raise my credit score over 100 points in just 6 months!! Thank you Sherry Louk and the staff for all of your assistance.

Victor C.

Just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done Sherry. My wife and I have been pre-approved for a house (loan) a few weeks ago and began looking at homes and put in several bids. And on one of the bids we are accepting the counter offer.
You’ve helped us a lot quicker than we would have ever thought possible and in many ways that we didn’t think we could get help at the time. We definitely do appreciate it wholeheartedly. Thanks again!

Brian M.

Just wanted to say Thank You Sherry for everything you did. Was with you guys just a short period of time (6 mos.) but you did your wonders. Just put an offer on a condo and bank accepted within 24hrs. And just 3 weeks ago I purchased my car without any cosigner. So all your hard work paid off. Thank you once again!!! Will keep in touch….

Vivian K.

“Thanks for your help! Joe received a letter in the mail notifying him that the judgement filed on his credit report by Capitol One is dropped! Pam (from Inland Bank) ran his credit one more time, and sure enough it’s off! Yaaaaay! We’re able to proceed with our loan and we are closing this Monday! 🙂 Scary how others debt can end up on someone else credit report just because the same name is shared. Other than for tax purposes, isn’t that why we all have different SSN’S?!? Thanks again for your help!”

Joe & Carla C.

Thank you for all your help.  Your services were great and you brought me to where I needed to be to be able to buy a house!

Dave R.

“I want to thank you for everything you have done for me, including your friendship.  The other day I went to log into my email and there was an ad for Capital One credit cards saying I was pre-approved and that it would not affect my credit score or appear on my credit report.  I’m a gambler by nature and I decided to take a chance and I WAS APPROVED WITH A $2,000 CREDIT LINE!  I am so proud of myself and I felt like I am getting my life back.”

Jennifer M.

“I am very happy to see my credit in the 650’s.  It was a dream for me to even cross 550 and now because of your team’s hard work I am able to see my dream turned into a reality.  A wonderful job your organization is doing for sincere people like us who want to bring their life back on track.  Thank you so much to the entire team at Just Credit Solutions.”

Moid M.

“Susan, thank you for everything you have done for us!  Our lives changed just like you said it would.  We never thought we would be able to have our own home but here we are.  We just signed the contract last night.  We are still pinching ourselves.  We could have never gotten to this place without you!!”

Jeff and Melissa G.