Our Services

Bad Credit can happen to good people and does happen for a number of reasons….

It Might Exist Because Unfortunately…. You lost your job and couldn’t pay your bills. You like so many others had to make sacrifices, survive first and deal with the lates, slow pays and missed payments as the money was available.

You were a victim of identity theft and your credit suffered because of it.

You never learned the importance of credit and didn’t realize the effect it would have on your borrowing potential in the future when it comes to buying a car, buying a home, renting an apartment, qualifying for low insurance premiums.

You never used credit, and therefore you have “bad” credit.

Whatever the Reason…..It Doesn’t Matter to us….If you are reading this, you have decided to change your current situation and
the team at Just Credit Solutions would like to be able to help you change your current credit situation and create a new and positive
credit picture.

Our services include credit help before, during and after :

  • BK
  • Foreclosure,
  • Identity Theft,
  • Being declined for a loan
  • Repossession
  • Debt Settlement

We also specialize in providing a solution if you are in need of budget consulting or consolidating student loans. You may want to start by Building Your Credit.